What needs healing?

Find a better path toward health and wellness with the Livewell Clinic by Platform Health. We help you heal and strengthen your body so you can combat chronic illnesses or symptoms.


Meet Dr. Zac

Livewell Clinic & Platform Health Founder

Over the years of being a doctor, Dr. Zac was experiencing the same story: patients believing that they were the cause of whatever malady they were facing. Their bodies. Their genetics. Their habits. THEM.

Why choose Livewell?

By choosing the Livewell Clinic by Platform Health, you are choosing to take ownership of your health and become the best version of yourself through our comprehensive and individualized approach to functional medicine. We offer many paths to help you achieve your health goals and provide as much support and guidance you need to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Care Plans

Receive a personalized care plan based on your health goals and needs from our team of clinicians, nutritionists, and wellness experts.


Biosystems Testing

Conduct in-depth testing and analysis of your body’s five critical biosystems – the reproductive and hormonal, neurological, metabolic, immunity, digestion and gut systems – to take a deeper look at your current health.

IV Therapy

Saturate your body with nutrients it needs through IV therapy. IV therapy enhances nutrient absorption by delivering vital nutrients throughout your body more efficiently and effectively than typical oral absorption.